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Spa Cyprus

Massages & Body Treatments


  • rejuvinate
  • Cleanse
  • etc

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Image Spa Facilities

Using the steam room and jacuzzi improves circulation, detoxifies and relieves muscles of joint aches and pains. It is great for arthritis and sciatica and excellent post gym. The steam room is also excellent for skin rejuvenation and sinus relief. 


* Those with the following need doctors consent:

Respiratory diseases, heart condition, high blood pressure, elderly, diabetics, prone to dizziness or epilepsy. 

* If you are pregnant you are restricted to enter the steam room or Jacuzzi.


Spa Facilities (Steam Room / Jacuzzi)

  • Improves Circulation & Detoxifies
  • Relieves muscle and joint aches
  • Great for artharitis & Sciatica

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