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Cellulite – most women’s worst enemy!!

What actually is cellulite?? most people say fat..that is one component but actually what causes the orange peel appearance is toxins and water!!

So what are toxins – all the rubbish and non natural substances we put into our bodies! No matter how organic you go, you still breathe!! alcohol, smoke, fizzy drinks, deodrant, tinned foods ect. it all has products in that our body cannot digest properly so it stores it up all round out fat cells; typically in the thigh and abdomen area – as this is the padded area for when we carry babies. Men get cellulite too, but instead of the orange peel effect they bulge – beer bellies! this is because a man’s tissue is stronger than a womans, so we can expand easily for pregnancy.

So the toxins surround our fat cells and the body understands its becoming acidic, so it flushes water to the area to clean it. Water is too neutral to take an effect and ends up staying there too!!

How to combat cellulite… there will always be toxins in our environment so cellulite will unfortunately always be there too! However we can diminish the appearance very well with a little work! Doing a detox/cleanse to limit the acidity entering the body, drinking lots of water helps!! If u feel the stage of cellulite is quite bad where it can be seen all the time when standing not just pushing on the area then we need to go a little deeper, using oral detox or body wraps, body-brushing and again drinking lots of water!

Body wraps use algae, a natural cleaning agent of the sea which works the same on our bodies. It eats up the dirt and toxins, which in turn releases the water and free’s up the fat cells; allowing them to be burnt off more easily during exercise! Although the water flushed to the area does no good, drinking water and keeping your body hydrated means you naturally relieve your body from toxins. Body brushing – something all women should do daily!! with a body brush stroke up the legs with pressure soothing with the other hand, this stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage – the body’s natural waste system, encouraging the release of water and toxins! 1 week of this will alone cause results! It is also a superficial exfoliator so will leave the skin smooth to touch!!!

Any questions about cellulite or how to combat please feel free to ask!!!